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Helping business owners, professional practices and lending institutions to achieve their goals, increase revenues and develop their people through bespoke coaching and training programmes.

Vision Business Consulting is a business coaching, sales training and staff development consultancy providing a number of services that add value to their clients. Our diverse engagement can enable business owners and management to develop their business strategy, overcome growth challenges, develop their people, win new business and achieve business goals.

Our Approach

Working closely with clients we gain an understanding of their business objectives, dynamics and the marketplace in which they operate. We are then able to offer a range of courses that are specifically tailored to each individual need.

During our interactive sales training courses, with management, sales teams and others within the business, we add value by ensuring a best practice sales methodology is embedded. This places our clients in a much stronger position to win new business and improve revenue streams.

Sales training courses
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Vision Business Consulting provides sales training courses that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the client, providing attendees with an overview of best practice sales strategy.

Courses cover all aspects of the sales cycle, allowing participants to gain a deep understanding of the process and giving them the ability to apply the sales methodology going forward.

We are also able to provide follow up sessions, refresher courses, workshops for key accounts, one to one mentoring, and support/coaching for proposals, pitches and presentations.

Tailored sales training courses for your business
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Additional Services

In addition to our core offerings, we are aware that in the current climate, businesses require support and expert advice in many different forms as well as sales training.

Therefore, through our long standing network of relationships within the business community, we are able to introduce expert advice, training and support in a number of key areas where a specific trusted business advisor is required.

Providing expert advice, training and support for your business
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Providing you with new sales skills

Through sales methodology training courses, Vision Business Consulting ensures each client is provided with the tools and knowledge with which to increase its sales pipeline, meet business goals and achieve their objectives.

We implement behavioural changes through our sales methodology programme, allowing clients to generate new work opportunities, improve relations with customers and focus on what truly matters in growing their business. Our passion, drive and desire for a successful outcome is clearly demonstrated as we work with clients through the process.


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